Make Sure Your Marquee Is Ready for Rain

One of the best things about marquees is that they make it pretty hard for the weather to ruin your day. Since they’re usually hired for important things like weddings and large corporate events, they can give you extra peace of mind that mother nature won’t make things too difficult. Despite a marquee hire offering automatic protection from rain, if it looks like the day of your event is going to be a wet one, you might want to take a few extra steps to ensure everything goes well.

Rental Pieces to Consider for Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

When planning an outdoor wedding reception, you may know to rent the basics, including a canopy, table and chairs and some type of lighting for the space from a wedding hire company. However, there are usually many more pieces needed to make your outdoor reception comfortable and inviting for guests, workable for the catering staff,and a space you’ll enjoy during your reception. Note a few of those pieces here, so you can ensure your wedding reception is a memorable event that everyone enjoys.

2 Reasons Why You Should Consider Having A Backyard Wedding

Backyard weddings are an increasingly popular choice for many couples. While celebrating your nuptials in your own garden or the more attractive and spacious garden of a friend or family member might not be the dream venue you always envisioned, it’s still a worthwhile consideration. Here are two reasons why it could be the perfect wedding venue for your upcoming wedding. 1. You’ll save a small fortune The average wedding in Australia now costs around $30,000, and many couples spend even more than this.