Make Sure Your Marquee Is Ready for Rain

One of the best things about marquees is that they make it pretty hard for the weather to ruin your day. Since they're usually hired for important things like weddings and large corporate events, they can give you extra peace of mind that mother nature won't make things too difficult.

Despite a marquee hire offering automatic protection from rain, if it looks like the day of your event is going to be a wet one, you might want to take a few extra steps to ensure everything goes well. Follow these tips to make your marquee-based event extra rainproof and your guests as happy and comfortable as can be.

Provide some umbrellas

Not everyone will remember to bring an umbrella with them if it's raining, so gathering some spares can be very helpful. If you can place some near to the car parking facilities, people will be able to walk to the marquee without getting soaked.

Provide a place to put wet items

When people arrive, they're likely to have dripping umbrellas, plus coats and other items of clothing that are soaked through. It's useful to provide a coat rack or other storage facility near to the marquee entrance so people can leave their wet items to dry while they enjoy the event.

Put down plenty of mats

A marquee can quickly become wet inside when it's raining, so make sure you lay some good quality, absorbent mats at the entrance to limit the water that's trodden in. Get some spare mats and try to assign someone to keep an eye on them and replace them as necessary.

You might also want some tough, outdoor mats to cover up muddy patches if it's raining hard. Muddy ground can get treacherous quickly in bad weather.

Keep it warm

With rain, you often get cold temperatures too. Having some indoor heaters available ensures everyone will be warm enough, but make sure they're safe to use inside a marquee. On top of heating, keep as many entrances closed as possible so the marquee doesn't get draughty.

Make sure everything is accessible

Even after they arrive safely at the marquee, people will sometimes need to come and go in order to use the toilets and get to their vehicles. If you can put up sheltered walkways, this is ideal. That's not always practical or possible, however, in which case the next best thing you can do is make sure plenty of umbrellas are available and that there are no muddy patches forming in high-traffic walkways.