Rental Pieces to Consider for Your Outdoor Wedding Reception

When planning an outdoor wedding reception, you may know to rent the basics, including a canopy, table and chairs and some type of lighting for the space from a wedding hire company. However, there are usually many more pieces needed to make your outdoor reception comfortable and inviting for guests, workable for the catering staff,and a space you'll enjoy during your reception. Note a few of those pieces here, so you can ensure your wedding reception is a memorable event that everyone enjoys.

Fans around the cooking area

Unless your catering staff will be bringing precooked food that they set up in warming trays, it's good to add portable fans around the cooking area, aimed to the outside of the tent. This will pull fumes and heat away from the cooking area so they don't collect and settle inside the tent. This can also make the catering staff more comfortable throughout the evening. Ask your caterer about the fans they might prefer, and be sure to provide enough for the size of the cooking area itself.

Clothes rack

Your guests may not want to wear their jackets or sweaters when dancing, but they also may not want to simply drape them over the backs of their chairs. A nice clothes rack by the entryway can work as a coatroom for the outdoor area and allow guests to keep their items neatly hung up. Add a few such racks to different areas around the outdoor pavilion, if it's very large, for everyone's convenience.


Small sections of fencing can help to control and direct crowds, as your guests can follow the fencing or even a line of velvet rope to find your reception area, and not get lost in a crowd or large venue. White picket fencing can also create a cosier environment around an open area that is not enclosed with a canopy or tent, and it provides a nice setting for seating or for photographs.

Walling is a tall section of fencing, usually with horizontal slats that are close together, which provides privacy. These can also be a good choice for an outdoor event in a more public areawhich is not enclosed with a tent; the walling can block the view of others, and also provide a better backdrop for photographs than crowds of strangers! Walling can also be placed around the area set up for cooking so guests don't need to be distracted by the catering staff while enjoying the reception.