Six Safety Tips for Parents Hiring Tents and Marquees for Children's Birthday Parties

Hiring a party tent or marquee from a company like Barlens for a children's birthday party is a great way to keep the guests outside but also away from rain, snow and excessive sun. However, you need to take steps to ensure your party tent is as safe as possible. Take a look at these essential safety tips:

1. Only work with reputable licensed party equipment hire companies

To ensure the tent you hire boasts structural integrity and meets local engineering relations for temporary structures, make sure you hire a company who is licensed and well reviewed. That ensures they know how to set up the tent safely and have a proven track record of customer safety and satisfaction.

2. Look for a party hire company who can assure you its employees are safe

Additionally, if the party hire company's employees may be around your children while setting up the tent, make sure they are full time employees who have gone through background checks rather than contracted employees who have not been screened for safety.

3. Ask the company to do a risk assessment of the area

Before putting up the party tent, ask the hire company to do a risk assessment of the area. They should look at how even the site is, how windy and any other factors that may affect the tent's safety. Then, they should inform you about risks and possible mitigation strategies.

If possible, do your risks assessment a couple of weeks before the party. That way, if your original spot is deemed unsafe, you can pick a new one.

4. Insist on accessibility and emergency evacuation features

To ensure the safety of your guests throughout the party, your hired tent needs to have accessibility and emergency evacuation features. If children are coming to the party who have mobility issues, your tent may need to have ramps or handrails leading into it, especially if it is on a platform.

Similarly, if you are hiring a tent with closed sides rather than open ones, you also need emergency exits that are clearly signed.

5. Opt for sturdy construction

When you have kids running around a party, you have to make sure the tent you hire can accommodate them. Avoid cheap tents prone to falling over. Instead, look for high quality tents that can endure a wild party. Look at the tent's individual features as well. For example, you don't want low profile tent legs that can be easily smashed into and broken. Instead, you want sturdy legs that can withstand a bit of impact from a kid running into them.

6. Hide the frame

Finally, in addition to having a strong frame for your tent, you also want a covered frame. You don't want exposed poles or ladders "inviting" kids to climb them and get hurt.