Important Considerations When Planning A Beach Wedding

A beach wedding can be an incredibly special and romantic occasion, but if everything is to go smoothly, there are a number of important considerations you must plan for. 

Here some tips to make sure your nautical nuptials carry you away on the crest of a wave, and your big day doesn't just end up sinking without a trace!

The elements

The main danger of any outdoor wedding is that you are very much at the mercy of the elements.  This is especially true of tropical beach resorts where you can be enjoying dazzling sunshine one moment, and a virtual monsoon the next! 

Research the weather for the location you're considering thoroughly before you book anything.  Most wedding resorts offer alternative areas that can be used for the wedding ceremony if the weather lets you down on the day, so you'll have an automatic 'plan B' if all else fails.

If you're planning to get married on a beach that's not part of a resort, always book an alternative venue, just in case.

Get your timing right

Although a sunset wedding might seem like a romantic idea, remember that as soon as the sun vanishes below the horizon, the sea will become an inky black void which won't make much of a backdrop for your photos. 

If you're opting for a beach wedding, it's much better to have the ceremony during daylight hours.  However, think carefully about the location and the time of year.  If the mercury's likely to rocket during the afternoon on your wedding day, opt for an early morning ceremony.  Heatstroke and sunburn are not welcome guests at anyone's wedding.

Make sure you hire an awning and suitable wedding chair hires for guests to use before and during the ceremony.  People will be more comfortable if they have shade and a seat at their disposal, especially if it's a hot day.

Background noise

With the waves breaking on the shore, and the wind blowing through the palms, beach weddings can suffer from background noise problems.  You don't want to have to yell your vows at the top of your voice in order for everyone to hear them, so it's recommended that you hire a microphone for use during the ceremony.  Incorporate a windscreen cover for the mike too, so that people can hear you clearly.


Remember that most wedding beach resorts are used by other hotel guests as well as the wedding party.  If you don't want to risk having a noisy crowd of kids playing beach volleyball right behind you as you tie the knot, double check with the wedding venue that the beach area will be privatised during your ceremony.

Dress code

When it comes to selecting your wedding dress, make sure you choose something suitable.  A heavy gown with a full skirt won't work well with damp sand, and a billowing veil might take off on a breezy day.  Lighter-weight, more sheer fabrics work best, perhaps with a small veil or circlet of flowers.

Footwear is something else to consider.  Barefoot might be a romantic notion, but beware of sharp fragments of shells in the sand, and remember that you'll have to make your way back into the hotel for the reception too, trailing sandy footprints across the carpet in your wake! 

Ask about having a wooden walkway laid down and concealed by a small amount of sand.  You and your guests will be able to wear shoes, but you'll still have the totally 'beachy' look.

In conclusion

Holding your wedding ceremony on the beach in a wonderful tropical location certainly has all the ingredients of a fabulous, memorable day.  Discuss the considerations raised above with your chosen resort to make sure that your day is truly memorable, for all the right reasons.