Hiring extra kitchen equipment for your school fete

School fetes have come a long way in last few years, and the money raised by fetes is increasingly important to schools. If you are looking to increase the revenues you can raise, why not try hiring some kitchen equipment to help you produce some better quality food and beverage items, which can be sold at a higher price point.

Larger fridges

For foods that you are making ahead of time, it is important to have enough storage to keep the food sufficiently cold. While it can be wonderful to have pre-prepared foods to minimise the work on the night, no one wants to risk creating a bad case of food poisoning due to poor storage protocols. Festival hire companies can provide commercial scale fridges to store prepared foods and cold drinks for the fete.

Espresso machines

Rather than reusing the staff room urn for to serve instant coffees, hire a commercial coffee machine. The coffee machine can be used to make more than one coffee at a time, and the coffees can be sold for a higher price overall. You can continue to use the urn to offer other hot drinks such as hot malted chocolate drinks and teas. Festival hire companies can provide commercial coffee machines, and in some cases can also arrange for the machine to be staffed by trained baristas for the night.

Warming station

If you are serving warm foods such as curries or paellas, having warming stations can help you quickly offer food to customers while keeping your food hot and keeping it safe. By having warming stations people can prepare genuine, delicious slow cooked meals for sale on the night. Festival hire companies can organise warming stations in a number of configurations to suit your menu options.

Larger barbeques

While you can usually find a barbeque to borrow from within the school community, these are often a small size and can't cater for the hundreds of meals that are often needed for a fete. Larger barbeques also mean you can offer a range of grilled options including vegetarian meals and gourmet meats on the different hotplates, which can be sold at a range of price points.

By planning out an interesting and diverse menu, filled with tasty gourmet options, you can earn significantly more from your food and beverage option at your next fete. Why not contact a festival hire company such as White Marquee to discuss your options?