Lighting Tips for Marquee Evening Events

There are important aspects to consider with regard to hosting marquee events like weddings and social parties. Lighting is the chief concern in the evening and the choices made will affect the ambiance and aesthetics of the decor. You should start planning and exploring the lighting options early so that you will have enough time to compare and make necessary changes. Here are some simple tips to help you achieve practical and aesthetic lighting goals.


Cables are indispensable in the provision of quality lighting. However, the presence of these cords in the marquee will have negative visual impact so it is important to ensure that the chosen cables are colored in a hue that matches the interior space. White or clear cables are the best choices because they are capable of blending in with most tent fabrics. If the cables can be concealed sufficiently, this is not an important factor.

Bulb Colors

The atmosphere of the space can be changed completely by the nature of the light. The default choice for most events is warm white and its popularity is attributed to the traditional appeal. It casts a clean yet warm glow such that the level of brightness is not overpowering. If you find the choice too bland and conventional, consider adding color accents by using connectable lights. You will retain the warm glow without the monotony experienced in white marquees. You can also get adventurous with all colored lights to inspire the party spirit; this is a particularly good choice for themed parties.

LED Lights

It is advisable to choose LED bulbs over filament alternatives. Filament bulbs which are considered a traditional choice heat up when switched on especially for long periods. This is unfavorable because the bulbs will be near decorative or tent fabrics. The risk of heat marks and damage to the marquee is high and you will lose the security deposit placed with the rental company. LED bulbs will remain cool even when used for extensive periods so they are ideal for installation near fabrics. Additionally, they are more energy efficient so they are cheaper to run for long durations.

Realistic Lighting

The amount of light in the marquee space will depend on the number of bulb units used. LEDs should be installed with reserve because many bulbs will create an oppressively bright environment. If you are using fairy lights to create a magical wedding atmosphere, you will need a lot of strings to achieve practical lighting so consider complementing them with table lighting.

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