Hosting a Hen Party? 4 Reasons Why Using a Catamaran Is Better than a Sailing Boat

It is becoming fairly popular for events such as a stag or hen party to be held on a boat and out at sea. Not only does this make the event a little more special, it makes it much more memorable for the participants involved. When hiring the vessel, it is advantageous to hire a catamaran rather than a regular sailing boat, and this article looks at the advantages of hiring this type of vessel.

Extra Stability

A catamaran has two hulls, instead of a single hull. This design makes a catamaran much more stable than a regular sailing boat, and this is ideal for hen parties. If any food is being prepared, the stability of the catamaran makes it less dangerous than preparing food on a sailing boat, as the catamaran is not affected by waves and wakes like a sailing boat is. Also, for the participants, who very well may be drinking alcohol as part of the celebrations, hosting the party on a catamaran will ease any feelings of sea sickness, as this type of vessel will not rock back and forth like a sailing boat.

More Space

Having two hulls to use instead of one increases the space available. More friends can be invited onto a catamaran, as both of the hulls can be used by the individuals attending the party. Having more space is inherently safer as well, as there is more room to move about and this lessens the chances of collisions and potential accidents, especially if the celebration includes alcohol.

No Heeling

When out at sea, even just a couple of miles from shore, sailing boats are subjected to heeling. This is the process of the boat tilting as the wind hits the sails. Sometimes, this tilting can be as much as thirty degrees. This can be uncomfortable for the occupants of the boat, who are there to enjoy themselves.

A catamaran will not heel, due to its stability. This means that people who are not used to sailing will still be able to enjoy themselves, instead of worrying about the effects of the wind on the boat.

More Speed

With two hulls comes two engines. This is an important factor to consider, as in an emergency, a catamaran is able to travel faster than a sailing boat, and reach the shore quickly; a sailing boat only has one engine. This can make you as the host more relaxed because it will take less time to get to and from shore in case an emergency occurs.

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